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Properties of Cystone:

  • Urolithiasis

  • It is an assistant in the infections of the urinary tract.

  • It is an assistant in the nonspecific uretritis.

  • It is an assistant in burning urination.

  • It is an assistant in the treatment of the drop and hyperuricemia.

  • It is a diuretic in slight edemas.

  • In feminine urinary incontinence.

  • For the sialolithiasis.

  • For the nephropathy induced by drugs.

Cystoneprevents the supersaturation with litogenic substances, it controls the oxamide (substance that favors the formation of calculus) the absorption of the intestine it corrects the cristaloides-colloid imbalance. Cystoneinhibits the calculus genesis reducing the substances that form the calculus like the oxalic acid, calcic hidroxiproline, etc. and causes their expulsion by micropulverization Cystonemakes possible the disintegration of calculus and crystals acting on the mucin, that is the responsible to unite to particles. The antimicrobial activity of Cystoneis beneficial in the prevention of infections of the urinary tract associated to urinary calculus and crystalluria. The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory activity of Cystonerelieve the ureteric colics and relieve the symptoms of painful urination.

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