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Prepared powdered drink with delicious flavors Bolero

Envelopes Bolero become instant drink 1`5 liters of water into a great tasting drink with vitamins, without allergens and sugar. Bolero So these drinks are a great choice for almost any diet plan or fitness bodybuilding and also for other athletes.

They are perfect as an alternative to traditional soft drinks that can be found in supermarkets as its composition we bring greater health to be free of sugars and be very balanced. In addition to its powder form they are comfortable to carry in any situation and the price is very affordable so we can have a considerable savings if we mix it with tap water.

With a box of twelve Bolero envelopes may be 18 liters of soft drink, it will occupy very little space compared with other drinks, for those who would have to devote a lot of space.

The Bolero drinks have a huge variety of delicious flavors available for purchase and are not limited to the four other flavors of soft drinks, so we can enjoy the variety alternating different flavors daily.

The ingredients used are selected for quality and authentic flavor that characterizes this brand.

Each cup of instant beverages Bolero has only 5 calories so it is valid for all with the simple replacement of Bolero refreshments will reduce their daily intake of calories from sugar.

Bolero to take you contribute to improving the environment by reducing the amount of plastics used

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Flavor Banana Strawberry

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